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What is IP subnet.

Subnetting a network is the process of dividing it logically. Subnetting is the process of separating a network into smaller sections known as subnets. Subnetting is applicable to IP addresses since it is done by borrowing bits from the IP address’s host section. In a sense, the IP address includes three parts: the network part, the subnet part, and the host part.

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CIDR, or Classless Inter Domain Routing, allows you to borrow bits from the Host part of an IP address and use them as Network in Network, or Subnet. Subnetting allows a single Class A IP address to be used to create smaller sub-networks, which improves network administration capabilities.

IP Subnetting Calculator

Our Calculator give you exact no of Hosts , Network, First IP . Last IP and Broadcast IP of a given network .

IP Subnet

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