Online PING IPv4 and IPv6 address

What Does PING command do?

PING Command test reachabilty of any IP (Internet Protocol) Netwok host.

How Does PING work?
Ping operates by sending an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo Request to a specific network interface and waiting for a response. When a ping command is given, a ping signal is delivered to the destination IP address. The destination host answers to the echo request by sending an echo reply packet.

What is PING ?

PING is small software programm to check rechabilty of TCP/IP Network. PING can check connectivity for IPv4 and IPv6 address.


What is Full Form of PING .

Full form of PING is Packet InterNet Groper.

What is IPv4?

IP address is an address of any host in TCP/IP Network. IP stands for Internet protocol , IPv4 is 32 bit address where 4 Octate notation represent IP address in format of x.x.x.x. i.e or

IP address is an address of any host in TCP/IP Network. An Ipv6 address uses 128 bits .it is represented by 8 groups and each group represents 2 Bytes (16-bits). 

What is IPv6?


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